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F.B. Tecnopolimeri S.r.l. a Socio Unico Via Pradone, 24/28 Loc. San Benedetto 26010 Cremosano (CR) Italy Partita Iva 01034760197 Telefono: +39 0373 27.48.27 Email:
The F.B. Tecnopolimeri

Pioneers in the '70s with La Nuova Cremonese, in 1989 was born in collaboration with the same, the F.B. Import-Export, which took charge of the difficult task of promoting and selling polyamide 6 and 66 products based on textile yarn in Eastern European countries, which at the time were still poorly equipped and above all bound by trading relations mainly with Germany.

Our products

The whole range of products is available in any sample coloration, reinforced with glass fibers, glass spheres or both, elastomerized of various kinds, super tough tenacs with high impact. Our product range consists of: Polyamides 66 (PA66), Polyamides 6 (PA6), in three distinct qualities, on a virgin base of first choice, based on textile yarn and on off-grade bases ...


All certificates are updated to the latest regulations in force. You can obtain a copy of the certifications by making a request through the form in the Certifications section. Here are some of the certifications available: ISO 9001/2015, Declaration of Origin, ROHS 2, REACH and SVHC, Conflict Minerals, No Halogens, No Phthalates

The environment

The "green" approach has always been at the basis of the values, the technological strategy and the development of the products of FB Tecnopolimeri which is inspired primarily by the principle of efficiency, energy saving and recycling of materials. Trying to be innovative to reduce CO2 emissions and to improve...


We provide to our customers various pre and post-sales communication channels. You can contact our offices via email, using the form provided in the contact section or by telephone. Our staff will answer in a short time on: order fulfillment, shipping information and tracking, general information etc ...

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